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Village Rules for residents


  1. Office Hours are between 9 AM - 12:00 PM & 1:30 PM - 5 PM each day. If office is unattended, please call 5981 0333. For emergencies, dial 000 first and then call the office number to make our staff aware.

  2. All noise to be confined to site area after 9.30pm.

  3. NO noise emitting from site between 10.00pm-8.00am. Please consider others in the Village.

  4. Management has the right to request noise to be contained at any time that may seem obtrusive to other guests within the Village.

  5. 5km/h (walking pace) speed limit in the Village is essential at all times. Anyone who does not abide by this rule will have their boom gate code confiscated and will be asked to park their car in the car park.

  6. Swearing, anti-social, behaviour and unlawful acts including (but not limited to): Violence, use of drugs, theft, vandalism, abuse (physical or verbal), excessive noises, unruly or lewd behaviour, drunken behaviour and under-age drinking are totally unacceptable and are not permitted at any time. The Managers or their representatives reserve the right to withdraw any booking or evict any persons if in their opinion there is a Breach of any part of this rule. Police with be called at the Managers discretion to ensure this rule is enforced.

  7. Consumption of alcohol is not permitted while walking common areas of the Village.

  8. Occupants and their visitors must not, in or near the Village cause noise or interfere with the peace, quiet and enjoyment of other occupants in the Village, or disturb their proper use and enjoyment of the Village and its facilities.


  1. Guests are allowed one gate code and one vehicle per unit unless otherwise given express permission from management. Any additional vehicles that visitors may have are to be parked in the CCTV-secured car park.

  2. Any day visitors to guests of our Village, must check in with the office and sign our guest book.

  3. Visitors to guests must pay $20 per day for use of our facilities including pools, BBQs, amenities blocks, shared kitchens, & games room.


  5. Vehicles must be parked only within each cabin's carport area. Cars must be parked within cabin boundaries.


  1. BBQs are free. Please read operating instructions prior to use.

  2. Please leave BBQs clean after use. BBQ area's close at 8pm, in accordance with Noise and Nuisance Policy.

  3. Indoor and Outdoor Kitchens are free for guest use. Please clean up after yourselves.
    The Indoor Kitchen/Library is closed around 8 PM each night or at the manager's discretion.



                NO pets allowed in Village.  This includes visitor's pets.


  1. Please do not leave rubbish on your site. Dumping rubbish on Village grounds is prohibited.

  2. All rubbish is to be bagged and placed in the large waste disposal bins located throughout the Village.

  3. Please flatten or crush cardboard boxes to smaller and more manageable sizes before disposing of them.

  4. If you need to dispose of larger items (i.e. furniture, metal sheeting, appliances, mattresses) please let our office know first.

  5. Please do not remove bins from their location.


  1. NO open fires at any time permitted.

  2. Refer to the Village Map for locations of nearest fire hydrants, hoses, and site assembly areas.

  3. In case of an emergency - Dial 000, then call our office (5981 0333)


  1. Parents are responsible for their children complying with Village Rules and must supervise them at all times.

  2. Bikes, skateboards, scooters and roller blades must be used in a responsible manner and Helmets must be worn at all times when riding in Village.

  3. NO riding of bikes or scooters or other recreation equipment within the Village after dark.

  4. Motorised recreational equipment is not permitted to be ridden or started in the Village at any time.

  5. Children are not permitted to roam the Village unsupervised after dark.

  6. A responsible adult must accompany children under 8 years of age to the amenities/pool area/games room.


  1. When showering, please be considerate of others and limit the amount of time spent in the shower.

  2. Please inform the office if you notice any improper use of the amenities block such as toilet paper rolls jammed into the toilet, missing toilet seats, faucets left running, etc.

  3. 2 Washing machines and 1 dryer in each laundry area are coin operated. Change is available from the office.

  4. Please leave all facilities clean and tidy; the next person will appreciate your thoughtfulness.

  5. Children under the age of 8 years are to be accompanied to the toilet block by an adult.

  6. In the laundry please rinse the tubs and wipe machines out after use.

  7. Washing is to be hung on the lines provided and removed when dry.

  8. No temporary clotheslines to be erected anywhere. Folding  clothes-airers are allowed. Clotheslines are provided near outdoor pool.


  1. Games room opens 9am - 8.00pm or at Managers discretion.

  2. Table Tennis, racquets and balls, pool cue available from office with $20 holding deposit required. Full refund issued if all items borrowed are returned in same condition.

  3. Children are not permitted in this area without Adult supervision.

  4. No food, drink or alcohol permitted in games room.


  1. Supervising adults are responsible for adherence to these rules:

  2. Pool hours: In Summer, pools are open 9am - 9pm or at Managers discretion.

  3. Winter hours 9am-7pm at Managers Discretion.

  4. Children under the age of 12 years must be accompanied by an adult.

  5. Day visitors - $20.00 charge for use of pool.

  6. No bombing, diving, running or pushing allowed, timeout placed on offenders

  7. Alcohol and/or glass not permitted in pool areas and Tennis Court.

  8. All rubbish must be removed from pool area.

  9. Strictly NO SMOKING in Pool and Tennis Court areas.

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